Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

Company Description

Meridian Manufacturing Inc. is the innovator and largest producer of SmoothWall hopper bins with six offices and world-class manufacturing facilities located across North America. For over 40 years Meridian was known for the Friesen, Grain Max, Stor-King and Wheatland brands, which in 2008, were incorporated under the Meridian trademark. Diversifcation into the Oil & Gas Market and into grain moving equipment has resulted in continued growth for Meridian. For more information, visit the official Meridian Manufacturing Inc. website:

  • Agricultural Storage – SmoothWall GrainMax Series, Liquid Storage, Feed Bins, Steep Cone Storage, SeedMax Package and Multi-Purpose Storage, Galvanized Hopper and Flat Bottom Bins, and ArchWall
  • Commercial Storage – Plastics, Sand, Cement, Liquids, Agri-Business and Custom Applications
  • Tenders – Bulk Seed, Seed Express and Titan
  • Petroleum Tanks – Double Wall and Split Double Wall
  • Oil and Gas Applications – BBL Portable Tanks, Methanol Tanks and Custom Tanks
  • Grain Handling Products – Swing Away Augers, Conventional Augers, Conveyors, and Movers

Frontier Laser partners with Meridian, using state-of-the-art computer-controlled lasers and brakes to produce high quality parts and components for Meridian and a wide range of industries. For more information, visit the official Frontier Laser website:

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