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WGI Westman Group: U-Build Steel Buildings

One Of North America’s Largest Steel Building Manufacturers

About U-Build Steel Buildings

U-Build Steel Buildings puts the strength of one of North America’s largest steel building manufacturers directly into your hands.

Our steel building systems are economic, environmentally-friendly, and easy to customize to fit your exact needs.

With more than 45 years of experience, countless buildings across North America, and a growing portfolio of overseas projects, U-Build Steel Buildings are world-renowned for their quality and reliability.

Why Steel Buildings?

  • AFFORDABLE: Our buildings are shipped complete with everything you need, making the erection process easy and cost-effective for customers.
  • FLEXIBLE: Unlike wood, steel can be easily cut to custom lengths and widths. Buildings can have larger open spaces, longer floor spans and higher walls. Expansion is quick and easy with U-build steel buildings. Our in-house engineers can draw up plans for any steel expansion or addition you may desire.
  • FAST AND EASY: Structural steel needs a smaller and simpler foundation than other framing materials because it is lighter. This reduces both cost and the time spent on construction. Steel structures can be erected in a matter of weeks.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Steel is recyclable and is the most recycled material in the world. Steel construction sites are also clean and dry and free of detriment (noise, dust, storage requirements etc.) Building with steel preserves natural resources and creates less waste.
  • DURABLE: Unlike steel, other materials can expand, warp and twist to cause settlement cracks or floor squeaks that require costly repairs after the project is completed. Steel requires minimal maintenance and can be protected against corrosion and various types of deterioration by coating.
  • NON-COMBUSTIBLE: Steel is a highly fire-resistant material – a steel frame can better withstand internal or external fires.

More information available at website of U-Build Steel Buildings.

Product/Service Offerings:

  • STEEL BUILDINGS: U-Build Steel Buildings offers reliable steel buildings for a wide variety of uses, designed for reliable use and easy erection.
  • INSULATED METAL PANELS: Through sister company Artspan Inc., U-Build Steel Buildings offers insulated metal panels in a variety of configurations. Possible to install in a fraction of the time that traditional sheeting, siding, and insulation is installed, these insulated metal panels are perfect for saving time and money on a project.
  • DOORS: U-Build offers a complete line of doors to fit any steel building project you have. Doors are available in 20-and 18-gauge steel, and come with a polystyrene core as standard, making the door smoother, flatter, and stronger.
  • INSULATION: U-Build also offers traditional fiberglass insulation envelope solutions, tailored to your building.
  • SELF STORAGE: We offer self-storage solutions with a wide selection of customizable features, including partitional walls and climate-controlled units.
  • STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: Committed to satisfying all steel requirements, U-Build offers a variety of custom fabrication options, including plate steel processing, robotic plasma cutting, structural fabrication, and logistical support across Canada and world-wide.
  • STRUCTURAL PANELS: Through Artspan Inc., U-Build is able to offer the Summit Structural Panels. These self-framing panels can reduce or outright eliminate the need to additional structural framework for your project, using these panels to form the floor, wall, and roof systems of your building envelope.


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