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Starting in 1976, with a single mill and a persistence of vision focused on customer service and employee wellbeing, Russ Edwards built WGI Westman Group Inc., (WGI) into one of Canada’s largest users of raw steel and one of Manitoba’s Largest Manufacturers. Today with over 2,200 talented and trusted employees, in 77 locations across Canada and the United States, we continue to grow organically and through acquisition, allowing employees to realize their full potential as we steer WGI to new heights.

Forty Plus Years of Vision, Persistence, and Growth

1976 – Russ Edwards forms Westman Culvert & Metals Co Ltd in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and begins with riveted culvert construction.

1982 – Roll forming of corrugated steel roofing and siding begins alongside the riveted culvert production

1987 – Gensteel Engineering formed to produce manufactured engineered steel buildings.

1988 – Behlen Industries is acquired. Engineered steel building production moved to Brandon, Manitoba. Westman Steel Industries relocates all roll forming operations to Brandon.

1992 – Westman Steel Industries expands operations to Calgary, AB.

1994 – SPIR-L-OK joins the Westman Group of Companies adding culvert production facilities in Langley, Dawson Creek, Genelle and Saskatoon.

1996 – Westman Steel expands operations in Langley, BC

2002 – Meridian Industries and Wheatland Bins are acquired adding smooth walled steel hopper bin production facilities in Winkler, MB, Lethbridge and Camrose, AB.

2004 – Steelcor Culverts is acquired in Regina, SK.  Friesen USA, located in Storm Lake, Iowa is added to the Meridian group which adds bulk seed tenders to our product line.

2005 – FSI Culverts is acquired with production facilities in Prince George BC, Grand Prairie and Ponoka AB as well as Orangeville ON.

2007 – All the culvert business operations are integrated with Canada Culvert.

2007 – Canada Culvert is acquired with production facilities in Orangeville, ON. All culvert business operations are integrated with Canada Culvert. Meridian Manufacturing Inc is created to support a continued diversification of product offerings in grain handling and the oil and gas markets.

2008 – Meridian Manufacturing Inc is created to support a continued diversification of product offerings in grain handling and the oil and gas markets.

2009 – Hawes Argo Ltd and Sakundiak Equipment joins the Westman Group of Companies adding a high-quality auger and flat bottom corrugated bins to the Meridian’s product line up.

2010 – TS Metals is acquired by Westman Steel Industries adding a production facility in Swift Current, AB.

2011 – Hawes Agro is acquired by Sakundiak Equipment which adds a mover to their auger and conveyor product lines.

2012 – WGI purchases a new building in Cambridge, ON.  Meridian Manufacturing expands in Cambridge adding a bin line to WGI’s multi-company facility.  Westman Steel adds 2 roll-forming lines to the facility. Orangeville culvert production is moved to Cambridge.

2013 – Canada Culvert expands and launches Engineered Structural Steel Pipe robotic line to produce multi-plated culverts for bridges and underpasses. Behlen Industries builds a recreational Soccer Facility, the world’s largest clear span building.

2014 – Westman Steel invests in computer operated coil handling systems to improve roll forming production in Airdrie, AB and Brandon, MB.

2016 – WGI acquires Convey-All Industries, Norstar Manufacturing and Elias Reliabelt expanding Bins, Conveyor and Tender product offerings for Meridian and integrating production with locations in Morden, Morris, and Winkler, MB.

WGI acquires Nusteel Industries and creates U-Build Steel Building to pursue the online direct sale of steel buildings.

2017 – WGI acquires Harvest International Inc, integrating manufacturing facilities and production inventories of Auger and Conveyor product lines into Storm Lake, Regina and other Saskatchewan facilities.

WGI acquires a majority interest in EMSIPS Ltd a Winkler, MB manufacturer of Structural Steel Insulated Panels.

2018 – WGI creates a new division called Artspan that manufactures steel buildings using proprietary and innovative EMSIPS technology. These include: Modular Northern Housing, cabins, innovative portable and fixed-in-place shops and tele-shops.

WGI acquires the Armtec Steel and Plastic Drainage Divisions, along with the Armtec name, to form Armtec-Canada Culvert. This adds sales and production facilities in Prince George, Nanaimo, Calgary, Red Water, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Guelph, Peterborough, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Woodstock, Orangeville, Walkerton, St. Clet, St. Augustine-de-Desmaures, Bishop’s Falls and St. John’s. With over 400 team members in 24 manufacturing facilities and 9 yards strategically located across Canada, WGI’s drainage division is now the largest in Canada offering the broadest range of products with a focus on local customer service.

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