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Like countries and companies around the world, Westman Group was appalled by the unprovoked attack on Ukraine and strongly condemns the Russian Government for its actions. In response to the war in February, Westman Group ceased all operations and sales in Russia, as well as Belarus, and closed its representative office in Moscow. This assault on Ukrainian freedom is not only first and foremost an affront to democracy and freedom against a neighbouring country, but it has significantly destabilized and jeopardized supply chains and food sources, which millions of people around the world depend on. We will continue to stand with our partners and employees in Ukraine and are fully prepared to provide the necessary relief and support the country requires until the war is over, as well as beyond in its recovery.

Welcome to the Westman Group of Companies

Forty Plus Years of Vision, Persistence, and Growth

Starting in 1976, with a single mill and a persistence of vision focused on customer service and employee well-being, Russ Edwards built WGI Westman Group Inc., (WGI) into one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of steel products. Today with 2,000 talented and trusted employees, in 79 locations across Canada and the United States, we continue to grow organically and through acquisition, allowing employees to realize their full potential as we steer WGI to new heights.

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WGI Westman Group Inc.

2976 Day Street

Sunnyside, MB R5R 0H7 Canada